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Contact a Resource Specialist

The Rainbow Rose Center maintains an internal database for vetted resources, businesses, and service providers that we trust to treat our community members with the respect and dignity they deserve. We do not publicly post this information as we often reassess each resource and add to the list as we gain new information.

We can help you find:

  • Physical and/or mental health providers
  • Lawyers and/or legal advisors
  • Housing Support and Temporary/Emergency Shelter
  • Safe places to enjoy, including restaurants and social venues
  • Friendly places to shop or have services (like hair and beauty salons) done
  • Affirming gyms and other physical activity venues
  • Addiction Support and Recovery Services
  • A number of other resources (and if we

If you are looking for a resource, please reach out. To get in contact with a Resource Specialist, you can call or text us at 717-746-8738, or email us at A Resource Specialist will respond to your inquiry soon.

Our Resource Specialists are here to help connect you with the resources you need to thrive in York County. They cannot offer legal or medical advice, and they are not licensed therapists. Our Resource Specialists hold all information you provide in strict confidence.