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I'm fine. PENNSYLVANIA...and your masks created at Creative York! - A Message from Carrie & MoJo at Creative York!

We are excited to share that I'm fine. PENNSYLVANIA...and your masks created at Creative York!... have been installed at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg and the reviews from the exhibit have been incredibly positive and meaningful.  BRAVO.  You should be proud.  The exhibit is a result of YOUR work and YOUR support. We can't thank you enough.  

While we believe the workshops have been critical in destigmatizing mental health conversations, we equally believe that the exhibit spreads the conversation that much further into our communities.  We hope that you will share the following attachments with those who attended the workshops as well as with friends and family.  We also hope that you will be able to visit the exhibit.  Your admission is free by stating what workshop you participated in.  

Please let us know if you will be heading our way.  We would love to meet you if we can.  Also let us know if we can send you hard copies of the postcards and posters to distribute.  

Again, cheers to you.  We applaud your help in breaking down the barriers to mental health conversations.  

All our best and hope to see you soon,

Carrie & MoJo

Creative York