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Mary. Her Journey from Pain to Purpose - Film Screening

Join Rainbow Rose Center for the regional premiere of Mary: Her Journey from Pain to Purpose, a documentary feature of Mary Almy, a local transgender woman, including an introduction from the filmmaker, and a panel discussion following the screening.

Embark on the extraordinary journey of this courageous transgender woman who faced a world that lacked the knowledge and the ability to support her true identity. From a challenging upbringing to the trials of adulthood, Mary encountered cultural backlash, violence and shame, which forced her to conceal herself. Despite these hardships, she fearlessly served her country in the military, worked in law enforcement and dedicated herself as a missionary.

After surviving years of anguish, Mary‘s story takes an inspiring turn as she embraces her true self with unwavering support from Betsy, her wife and advocate. Transitioning at the age of 58, Mary‘s resilience and determination shine through, illuminating the incredible strength within the human spirit.

Mary: Her Journey from Pain to Purpose is a powerful film that aims to enlighten and uplift, providing a personal example to help those either questioning their own identity or trying to understand what a friend or loved one is experiencing. By sharing Mary‘s personal narrative, we strive to foster awareness, challenge stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals.

Join us on this enlightening voyage and discover the invaluable lessons we can learn from Mary‘s remarkable story. Let us question, are we truly that different?