It's Time to Start Taking Care of You

All support programs offer peer-to-peer support in a safe environment.

We will hold all meetings virtually for the duration of the pandemic.

Transgender Support Group Meeting

The Rainbow Rose Center and TransCentralPA host our York County Transgender Support Group Meetings, which are open to transgender individuals of all ages and their families. We provide community and conversation in a safe and affirming way.
Our intent is to uplift transgender lives through understanding, acceptance, and pride. Wherever you are at on your transition journey, whether coming out or having lived your authentic life for years, we welcome you to join us in this opportunity to be yourself and be around others who understand and support you.
Our goal is to protect the safety and confidentiality of everyone who participates in our meeting. Therefore, we are not posting meeting details on social media. Those who have attended our meetings will receive a notification from TransCentralPA with meeting details. If you have not previously attended one of our meetings, but you would like to do so, please click the button below to fill out the form to get on our mailing list. 

Why Support Programs

Peer support programs bring together those with shared experiences. They provide an opportunity to connect, to learn, to laugh, and to heal. 

How You Participate

When you join a meeting, you enter a community that respects you and each other. You are welcome to engage at whatever level you feel comfortable, whether to share or to observe.

Participation and Confidentiality

We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously at the Rainbow Rose Center. We want to make sure everyone in attendance feels safe to join us, and we acknowledge that many people come to the meetings with great uncertainty and possible personal risk. Therefore, we depend on all in attendance to adhere to the following Statement of Confidentiality:

All have the right to expect these protections and are obligated to extend them to everyone present.