Official After Party Locations

We want to help you celebrate Equality Fest weekend with chosen family, friends, and allies. We have partnered with various local businesses throughout York County in an effort to bring them business during the pandemic and provide you with safe venues where you can celebrate Pride. 

Please consider purchasing Equality Fest/Pride themed menu items as proceeds from those items help support the Rainbow Rose Center.

Want to enjoy these items from the safety of home? Order for take out or (where available) delivery!

Equality Fest 2020 Official After Party Locations

The Cantina & Aviano's
101-105 S. Duke St. York PA 17401

Rainbows Rising Cocktail ($11) A fruity creamy delight topped with a rainbow splash of color. Cherry vodka, peach schnapps, Irish cream, cream.

Rainbow Pizza ($10) Veggie pizza with tomato, peppers, roasted corn, broccoli rabe, and red onion.

Proceeds from listed items donated to the 
Rainbow Rose Center

The Handsome Cab
106 N. George St, York PA 17401

i-ron-ic Coffee Shop &
Art Boutique
256 W Philadelphia St #2951 York, PA 17401

$1.00 of every hot or cold barista drink purchase donated to Rainbow Rose Center 

Fig and Barrel Pub
25 W Market St
York, PA 17401

Juicy Fruit Cocktail ($8) Shimmer Long Island with fresh lime and blue agave. Drink will be offered in a few different colors.

Proceeds from listed item donated to the 
Rainbow Rose Center