2020 PA LGBTQIA+ Needs Assessment

2020 PA LGBTQ Needs Assessment
The most important thing our LGBTQ community can do to ensure our health care needs are met–when it comes to COVID-19, HIV, transition care, cancer treatment, or any other vital healthcare–is to make providers aware that we exist. We know that we can support LGBTQ health by filling out the 2020 PA LGBTQ Needs Assessment! 

If you identify as part of the LGBTQ community, are living anywhere in Pennsylvania, and have not filled out the 2020 survey, please do so now at http://bit.ly/2020PANA_E . 

A Spanish language version is also  here: http://bit.ly/2020PANA_S

If you aren’t LGBTQ, please pass this along to someone else who is. 
Why is this so important?
The Rainbow Rose Center is a part of a coalition of more than 25 LGBTQ organizations across the state collecting data for the 2020 PA LGBTQ Needs Assessment. This information will be used to fuel new and existing community-based programs designed to close gaps in service and address the unique health needs of our population.

Even if you filled out this same survey in 2018, LGBTQ health statistics are ever changing, we all need to take this survey every 2 years. Responses are anonymous and those who enter are entered into a raffle for a gift card.

who identifies as any part of the LGBTQ community should take the survey. Many LGBTQ people have already taken it, but we want to be sure that youth under 18, older people over 60, people of color, transgender and non-binary people, and any other underserved LGBTQ community members are represented!
How does this help the community?

These statistics increase the visibility of LGBTQ people and demonstrate that we need more and better LGBTQ affirming healthcare programs, LGBTQ youth programs, mental health outreach, and LGBTQ community support groups. Our needs assessments have helped many LGBTQ agencies provide real data to secure support for these important programs.

Your participation is crucial! To fill out the survey go to http://bit.ly/2020PANA_E . You can also participate through a Spanish language version here: http://bit.ly/2020PANA_S.

Thank you for your participation and for helping us better serve the needs of our community!