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York County Pride

Performer Lineup

Xander Valentine

Xander Valentine

People ask us, what makes you and your family different from all the other performers here in Central Pennsylvania?  The most direct answer I can give is "positivity, inclusiveness, and fun!"  We strive to ensure our audience has an incredible time by creating an environment of consent, trust, empowerment, openness and happiness.  Drag is not just about our art and displaying it, but more about ensuring our area continues to have safe spaces for all to enjoy a no judgment zone.  Somewhere we all can come together as one unit and be our true, unique selves without fear of repercussion.  

Additionally, we strive to put back into the community.  Our family does almost 50% community service work, including pride events, community committee work, grassroots groundwork for LGBTQIA+ progress, fundraisers, benefits, and much more.  We are here to make a difference within the rural areas of Pennsylvania!  Love is LOVE!