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York County Pride

Performer Lineup

Witch Weather

Witch Weather

Witch Weather is an indie/punk trio currently based out of Lancaster, PA and Philadelphia. On January 1st, 2021 they released their debut EP “New Moon”. Born out of quarantine, “New Moon” was written completely remotely during the summer of 2020 and recorded as a part of an independent study at York College of Pennsylvania. The band’s influences are wide and varied between the members.

This project began unofficially in 2013 when lead singer and guitarist Kaitlynn began writing and recording music in her basement. She has continued to hone her songwriting skills to this day and is joined by bassist Juliann Frances, as well as K. Danée on drums until her departure in January 2023.

A majority of the lyrics, even when being more about fantastical concepts, focus on Kaitlynn's experience being a trans woman. From confused to closeted to out and doing her best, Kaitlynn has a way of letting her experiences bleed into her lyrics. While the lyrical themes are often about trans experiences and identity, the songs are relatable to many as they often focus on themes of confusion, frustration, and self loathing