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York County Pride

Performer Lineup

Jada Spraxxx

Jada Spraxxx

Dannie Hawkes aka Jada Sparxxx is a Middle Aged, Plus Size, Non-Binary, Autistic, Drag Artist. They were born and raised on a small farm in New Bridgeville, Pa next to Camp Echo Trail Girl Scout Camp. They have been performing in drag for almost 20 years, the daughter of 2 local Icon’s of Drag,  Amethyst Diamond and Lequitcha Rodriguez. Both of which are legendary Pageant Queens and remarkably talented. Jada is NOT a pageant Queen and much like her biological family neither Drag Mother knew what the hell to do with her and her uniqueness. She learned quickly being an individual can be a double edged sword turning her peers off but engaging audiences in a captivating almost addictive manor. Being described as a Drag Cockroach, many have tried to exterminate her, but she simply comes out of the microwave asking for the heat to be turned up. Jada’s most proud accomplishment was headlining the “Comedies Most Wanted Tour” for 2 years. She has recently returned from Pittsburgh, Pa and plans on shaking up the scene here in Central Pa and beyond. Big as a house and potty mouthed, that is Jada Sparxxx.