Equality Fest 2020 Regent Pageant

The Pageant has three (3) contestants vying for the title of Equality Fest 2020 Regent. 

As Regent, the winner will represent the Rainbow Rose Center.

All contestants live in or near a 50 mile radius of York County.

With Emcee and Stage Manager

Jade Devere!​​

Jade DeVere has been doing drag for over 10 years, and has held the titles of Miss Central PA Pride (2012), Queen of Hope (2014 & 2015), and is currently the host of Inside The Drag Closet on WLFE-DB Radio!!!

Registered Contestants

Miss Scarcity

Miss Scarcity has a passion for helping others. While still in high school, she has worked hard for her place in this world. Out of the many things that she has educated herself on, the greatest thing of all she has learned is empathy. Her ability to connect with others drives her desire to help, to connect people with resources, and to help them achieve their best life.

Sarabesque Mizrahi

Baltimore born and raised, and now residing in Dover. Sarabesque has been a York community member for the past 4 years. She has performed in many places around PA, and is former Miss Stallions and Miss Gay Harrisburg.

Sarabesque has been involved with providing entertainment at Equality Fest and Equality Fest Junior for the past 3 years. She is host of several drag shows in the area including venues such as the Cove, the Handsome Cab, and Tutoni’s. She has even performed at York College. She is very excited to be part of local community events and looks forward to connecting and providing you with entertainment that will leave you wanting more!

Jamie Angel

Jamie Angel is a Non-binary, Pansexual individual who is also Deaf and in a wheelchair. They are passionate about advocacy and enjoy creating artwork. They continually work to overcome obstacles in life. They enjoy helping others overcome obstacles and find resources. In their pursuit of a law degree, Jamie plans to work in advocacy for LGBTQIA+ individuals and those with disabilities.

Details of Competition

  • The pageant is made up of two parts, judged equally the night of the competition by a panel of judges from the community:

Talent Video Portion

The Talent Video Portion of the competition consists of a pre-recorded video submitted by the contestant by the due date (September 30th, 2020). The Talent Video should be between 2-5 minutes in length.

The Talent Video must include a performance of some kind, such as a drag performance, spoken word artistry, or other talent. Content must not display vulgar or offensive imagery that would reflect poorly for a representative of the organization. 

Pageant Portion

The Pageant Portion of the competition is live streamed during the event. Both contestants and judges will be seen and heard live.

The pageant will be based on two criteria: presentation and response to the question. Personal presentation will be judged in this category and we highly recommend you present in formalwear for the Pageant Portion of the competition.

Each contestant will be asked a question on stage. Contestants should prepare to answer the two-part question which relates to the work of the Rainbow Rose Center. We recommend the contestant have familiarity on the issues surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community of York County and beyond.

The Judges

Judge Mykel Bono

Mykel is an amazing Drag King in Central PA. Currently Mr. Central PA Pride, he gives you looks, costumes, and has been known to gender-bend from time to time. Keep your eyes on this remarkable performer and everything he has planned for the next year!!!

Judge Christina Stetler

Christina Stetler is the Secretary of the Rainbow Rose Center and an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. She believes love is love and no one should be denied the right to love who they love. Raised in Southern New Jersey, she moved to Central Pennsylvania with her husband in 2004. She is a professional fundraiser,
published author, and community volunteer. In her free time, Christina reads, travels, researches, runs, bikes, and writes. She lives with her husband and four cats in Northern York County, and yes, four may be too many cats. She is proud to be a part of the first ever Equality Fest Regent Pageant.

Judge Jah

JahTheGod is not someone who can be defined, characterized, or caricatured. Their art is an organism all it’s own, borne of their survival of trying experiences.
JahTheGod was a 2019 Philadelphia Showcase Tour Winner and Los Angeles Finalist praised for the intimacy of their performance. Their first EP was praised by close followers for it’s lyricism and vocal arrangements; having a wide range of vocabulary laced between bass heavy hypnotic instrumentals, woven into dark and sometimes witty metaphors as well as the breadth of experience covered in its 9 song span and intense themes of self-love. JahTheGod lifts the veil between the personal and universal as they share of themself and allow themselves to in turn receive of the experiences of others.

Prize Package for Regent

  • Crown & Sash
  • $250 Cash Prize, in two installments:
    • $150 – Immediately following pageant
    • $100 – Night of Equality Fest Regent Pageant 2021

Prize Package for First Alternate

  • $100 Cash Prize, immediately following pageant

***Assumption of title and remaining prize payout if winner cannot fulfill obligations. ***