Equality Fest Jr.
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Equality Fest
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First Ever Regent Pageant
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Coming Out Day Celebration
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The Rainbow Rose Center is a grateful recipient of the Welcoming Communities Grant. The goal of the grant program was to identify and provide financial support to sustainable community events that contribute to creating a welcoming and connected community for all in York City – through diversity, accessibility and cultural representation.

Equality Fest qualified as one such event!

The grant program was administered by Downtown Inc, made possible through Better York and the financial support of Better York, Powder Mill Foundation, the York County Community Foundation, and in partnership with the Cultural Alliance of York County.


Our events are proudly SMOKE FREE in partnership with the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Center as part of their initiative for a healthier and longer lived community. We do not accept sponsorship or vending applications from tobacco, vaping, cigarette or other similar companies.