About the 
Rainbow Rose Center

It’s All About Community
The Rainbow Rose Center seeks to provide space for both warm and difficult conversations, workshops, meetings, education, and celebrations.
We also want to make life and work easier, safer, and more pleasant for members of the LGBTQIA+ community in York County, PA.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Rainbow Rose Center opened in May 2019 as a volunteer-based organization, having grown out of the family of community-connecting Equality Fest events enjoyed and celebrated in York for five years. Offering a safe and judgement-free space to visitors, and located in downtown York, our Resource Specialist Volunteers hold office hours on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Visitors often include individuals seeking friendly and affirming resources and allies looking for ways to connect and learn. 

As York County’s LGBTQIA+ resource center, we provide information on, and support for, queer-friendly resources in and around York County. The Rainbow Rose Center promotes and advocates for the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals to enhance the diversity of our community and the businesses within. We offer trainings and workshops on creating safe and affirming environments at schools, places of employment, doctors offices, religious communities, civic and government buildings, etc.

A Rainbow Influence on the
White Rose City
York, PA is known as the “White Rose City.” For the Rainbow Rose Center we decided to embrace the rose part of that identity but color it rainbow instead.  All are welcome here. 
Interested in Getting Involved?
We welcome volunteers and partnerships!
The Rainbow Rose Center is a volunteer-run organization overseen by a Board of dedicated individuals. All of our volunteers are truly treasured, and we look forward to meeting more of the community as we grow and get better established. 
The Rainbow Rose Center Board and Volunteers run social and educational events throughout the year, including our biggest event, Equality Fest. Equality Fest is moving this year to June 28th to be part of the June Pride festivities! 
To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please fill our our application form!

The Rainbow Rose Center seeks community partnerships to promote the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals and enhance the diversity of our community and the businesses within. We help our partners create safe and affirming environments at:

  • Schools through GSA programs and clubs;

  • Places of Employment by working with Human Relations departments;

  • Religious communities on becoming welcoming sanctuaries; and,

  • Civic organizations and buildings including libraries, town halls, courtrooms, government buildings and more.

To learn more about being a community partner and 
a resource for LGBTQIA+ individuals in York County, 
please contact us!

Contact Us

15 N Cherry Ln, York, PA 17401

OPEN 10 AM – 2 PM
The Rainbow Rose Center and EqualityFest is part of the I.D.E.A.S. (Integration, Diversity, Equality And Social Justice) Center. It is located just off the pedestrian through-way of N. Cherry Ln, between W. Market St. and W. Philadelphia in historic downtown York. If you are coming from Central Market, it is the first door to the left of the plaza. Coming from Market St., we are the second door on the right. 
Parking is available in parking structures on Philadelphia and King, as well as metered parking on the street.